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UrduRisala.com Pakistan's well raputed e-magazine is project of MultanStudio.com. We are a dedicated team with clear vision of providing quality content over the Internet. We have brought many websites like,

Urdu Risala is the fastest growing e-magazine followed by people of all age groups whether kids, youth or olders. It's especially popular among students, teachers, professionals, parents and everyone else that have access to the web via Internet and Mobile.

Our mission is to promote Urdu language on the ineternet and to establish a single palce for Urdu Literature, tutorials and articles in Urdu. This e-magzine was founded on May, 2010 and since then it has rapidly grown. We are offering public to make contribution to this magzine throught their creativity by writing tutorials and articles.

We strive to be the best and No. 1 Web Portal of Pakistan, Insha Allah. If you want to become part of this great effort then join us or if you have any suggestions, feedback or any comments, please contact using our Contact Form or write us at:

Multan Studio
P.O.Box No. 933,
Post Office Gulgasht Colony,
Multan, 60700, Pakistan.

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